Smile make over alert

Being able to smile is a beautiful thing – we all deserve a beautiful one! Some of us might need some work to obtain a dazzling smile, and cosmetic dentistry has been very popular and reaching that dazzle. Just don’t let your dream turn into a nightmare while pursuing your smile make over!

If you are planning on having any elective cosmetic work done, make sure your physician is familiar with different cosmetic options and has a good training background. The most common cosmetic dentistry problems can be prevented if you do your homework, including unsatisfactory cosmetic outcomes or clinical and technical shortcomings! These problems can lead to a not so happy nor healthy smile, altered speech, gum irritation, increased tooth sensitivity , chipping, loose teeth and even breakage of porcelain (from insufficient bonds between natural teeth and porcelain veneers from an overly trimmed tooth structure or bite issue). These errors end up needing additional work (like crowns, root canals or gum surgery) and can be painful and infuriating.




It is important when considering any kind of cosmetic work – dentistry or otherwise – that you evaluate your own needs, and knowing your own health as a foundation for your own future.  The consequences of only looking at cosmetic dental procedures without the health side can put your long term oral health at risk.  If you have a fairly healthy mouth with well-aligned teeth, it may be easier to get satisfactory cosmetic results with the average cosmetic dentist. If you have seriously mis-aligned teeth, gum disease or lots of dental work / TMJ  problems (or are prone to cavities), you have a much more sensitive oral cavity and must be very careful with who you choose to be your cosmetic dentist. Also, you may require multiple steps in order to attain a healthy, long lasting result.




It is also important to have a well thought-out plan before the procedures starts as good communication with your cosmetic dentist and technician is key. Not only is it necessary to be able to convey your desires clearly, but it is also best to go through the proper diagnostic steps to analyze the problem, plan the treatment scientifically with a mock-up or wax-up procedure and set up the detailed 3-D blueprint of your smile makeover before proceeding with dental reconstruction work. Make sure your dentist and ceramist are well experienced by asking other patients what kind of work you can expect and by checking into his or her credentials, education and training background. Look at pictures of past cases the dentist has worked on, and get a feel of what kind of sincerity and caring attitude the dental team will be able to provide you, in order to help make your important decision. Make sure you ask questions about what will make the procedure a long term success before proceeding the work.




It is a wonderful thing to have a great smile, but maintaining it will be just important. Proper home care and regular professional check-ups are musts – proper diet and healthy habits will keep your smile beautiful for a long time! Finally, wear a night guard if you are prone to bruxism as they can help maintain the structure of your oral system.