Benefits for Dental

Almost dental doctors don’t knew make dentures and design braces for patients are depend on dentures expert and foreign orthodontic braces system. But with two of his dental inventions Mr. Hàn Vinh Quang, dentists become a good dental professionals in all aspects of implant dentures to the patient’s desired and design and braces to pull adjustment teeth, not depend on the denture experts and foreign technology. Especially not need to invest any machinery or any too costly foreign technology, reduce maximum the investment for a product that is perfect for public utilities and professional career.



The training of a dentist and orthodontic expertise to implant dentures in place is simple, easy to learn, easy to understand, quick and less expensive, but great quality. Just learn in a month, the dentist was able to master the technology and processes proficient in their work, particularly no need to invest any more public facilities. No dependence on technology, engineering or foreign laboratories, professional denture. The doctor is fully active, creative and flexible in their careers more holistically.

Certainly dental professionals around the world will be interested in 2 dental inventions, to replicate the world to serve humanity better bring the benefits for people in need of implant and orthodontics.

In addition, Mr. Hàn Vinh Quang also wants to cooperate with domestic and foreign investors to exploit the success and effectiveness of this 2 dentistry inventions.

Any questions about the 2 dental inventions, Dental Examination & Free Counseling please choose 1 in 3 Dental Clinic.

01. Vinh Sinh Dental Clinic: 6/3B – Kp. 6B – Tan Bien, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai (Near the park 30/4, Ho Nai 2 – Ha Noi Church – Near Phat Trien Junction)

02. Vinh Truc Dental Clinic: 309/4 Bui Van Hoa, KP3, Long Binh Tan Ward, Bien Hoa (8 vocational colleges under the Ministry of Defence)

03. Vinh Quang Dental Clinic: 4, Highway 20, Hoa Binh Village, Tuc Trung Commune, Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai (right Phu Tuc market) .


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